Saturday, September 18, 2004

Ocean of Memories... Posted by Hello

Erase Me Not…

If you were given the chance to erase your memories, would you do it? You know, the painful things which you don’t want to remember, the things which make you cringe each time you think of them? Or the people you don’t like, or hate, for that matter? The places where you have gone to but wish you have never been? Or the times when you did something wrong to someone or the other way round? Would you take the chance to erase all these memories?

I don’t think I will…

If I erase my memories, I would forget the things which I want to remember, the things which make my laugh heartily or smile happily. I would forget the people whom I enjoyed being with and those whom I want to have as friends forever. I would fail to remember the places where I found my friends, and I would cease to remember the times when I was joyfuland happy.

So, given the chance, I would never erase my memories. They are mine to keep and to cherish. They are mine to have and to hold. They are the only things which make my life worth living.